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A Milwaukee, Wisconsin Polka Band

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Polka Visionary Society
The Polka Visionary Society is the official fan club of the Mike Schneider Band. Its many benefits make it one of polka music's fastest growing fan clubs since 2002.
Member Benefits
Annual Year iN Review
Each year, you'll receive an annual Year in Review hosted by Mike Schneider, delivered to your email in MP3 format. This program features exclusive sneak previews of forthcoming Mike Schneider Band releases, an interview with the Polka Visionary Personality of the Year (see right), remixes of previously released material, and live recordings from the Mike Schneider Band you won't be able to hear anywhere else!

Semiannual Newsletter
You'll also receive the official full-color semiannual newsletter of the Mike Schneider Band fan club each year in May and December - just in time for the summer festival season and all the year-end news, delivered directly to your email!

Merchandise Discounts
As a Polka Visionary, you'll save $2.00 on each recording you purchase from the Mike Schneider Band.* Buy only a handful of items and your membership is paid for!
* Does not apply to third party retail sales.

Affordable Membership
Annual dues for the Polka Visionary Society are only $15.00. For your hard-earned dollars, you'll receive all the benefits listed above, including the annual Year in Review, a semiannual newsletter, and merchandise discounts. How's that for an amazing polka value?
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One-Year Fan Club Membership

Each year, the Polka Visionary Society names a Personality of Year and records an in-depth interview that is shared with Society members as part of the Year in Review CD. Below is a list of past personalities.

2017 Ferd Buchel
Cliff Penniston
Jeff Winard
2014 Pecon Family & Friends
Ivo Baldoni
Tom Brusky
Scott Lopas
2010 Jim Kirchstein
2009 Jim Ebner
2008 Walter Ostanek
2007 Joe Grkman, Jr.
2006 Greg Drust
2005 Gordon Hartmann
2004 Joey Miskulin
2003 Don Hunjadi
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